Granny Ljusstake Låg Vit - Northern
Granny Ljusstake Låg Vit - Northern


Granny Ljusstake Låg Vit


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Granny lights up the interior the old-fashioned way. Instead of flipping the power switch, strike a match and watch as cosy candlelight spreads over the room. A contemporary take on the classic candlestick, Granny is designed with modern-day innovations that heighten its appeal. The base’s edges rise upwards to catch and contain melted wax before it drips onto the surrounding surface. The holder is made with a sliding brass knob that makes it easier to remove leftover wax and place a new candle inside.

Granny is a striking design that hopefully will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Materials: Steel
Measurements (D x H): 9,5 x 11,6 cm

Färg Vit
Typ Ljusstakar
Varumärke Northern
Kategori Inredningsdetaljer
Artikelnummer P191322104 / 808